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Core10 Brings Jobs to West Virginia Through Innovative Business Model

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (Oct. 24, 2016) – Core10, a full-service financial technology, or fintech, software solutions provider, has opened offices in Huntington, W.Va. The startup, which also has offices in Nashville, is advised by Jim McKelvey, co-founder of Square, and Brad Smith, chairman and CEO of Intuit, among other tech industry heavyweights.

Core10 is a pioneer of the new “hereshoring” business model (in contrast to offshoring), that connects cutting-edge technology firms in major metropolitan areas with dedicated teams of technology workers in smaller U.S. cities. “Hereshoring” brings technology jobs to communities and cities in the U.S. that are rich in talent but may have lower costs of living or other financial benefits compared to major metropolitan areas.

While many businesses look to move or contract their technology needs well outside the U.S., “hereshoring” looks inward, streamlining communication and logistics while keeping jobs and revenue from leaving the country.

Over the next 18 months, Core10 will hire 30 data analysts, developers and QA engineers in the Huntington area. New employees in the Huntington office will work with Core10’s team in Nashville to develop financial technology software for customers in the banking and finance, health care, insurance, logistics, and retail sectors.

“I’ve spent the last 15 years connecting technology talent in Nashville with companies that need their skills,” said Jeff Martin, co-founder and CEO of Core10. “I’m passionate about giving tech talent across the U.S. an opportunity to work on innovative projects while staying in their hometowns and know we can do the same for folks in Huntington with Core10.”

“Core10 is doing one of my favorite things: solving multiple problems at once by connecting what’s already there,” McKelvey said. “To start, they know there is a shortage of opportunities for technologists in certain geographic areas. So they’re helping those folks partner with value-focused tech companies that need reliable talent but can’t find it domestically.”

“We are very excited about the work Core10 is doing and the diversity they bring to the West Virginia economy,” said Keith Burdette, secretary of Commerce for West Virginia. “We have tremendous talent coming out of West Virginia’s colleges and universities with skills the tech industry needs. Not only do we have the human capital, we have a cost of doing business that’s well below the traditional tech hubs. It’s a win-win.”

“The potential for igniting entrepreneurship and innovation in West Virginia is unprecedented,” Smith said. “Our state is in the midst of a technology revolution, and is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the opportunity. By tapping into our most precious resource – our creative, values-based and hardworking talent – we are poised to define the next chapter of innovation and growth for West Virginia and beyond.”

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