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We believe in #ImpactWV

Core10 is proud to support the GenerationWV Impact Fellowship, now for the second year running. Last year, in its inaugural year, Core10 agreed to host two fellows, one in software development and one in quality assurance. We were so eager to support this initiative because its model makes perfect sense:

  • To connect young people to opportunities that ensure they can choose WestVirginia
  • To connect employers with top talent
  • And, in doing so, highlight the true potential that exists for the next generation to work and thrive in West Virginia.

The fellowship is based on the concepts of Live, Work, Give. It invites tomorrow’s leaders to work, live and give in West Virginia by offering yearlong, paid fellowships at some of the Mountain State’s most innovative companies. During the course of a year, Impact Fellows work four days a week at one of the participating companies, while dedicating one day a week donating their brain power, time and expertise to projects in partnership with local nonprofit organizations.

For the second year, Core10 upped our commitment to five fellows. Our current fellowship openings include positions for Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers, and a Software Development Instructor. We are so excited for the potential of this program that is has become a key input to our talent recruiting pipeline.

We wouldn't have been so eager to more than double the number of fellows if our 2017 fellows hadn't be such rockstars.

Meet our Fellows

Veronica St. Clair is a native of Colombia, and since relocating to West Virginia (for love!) she struggled to find a good job. Although she holds a degree in industrial engineering from a university in Colombia, convincing possible U.S. employers of her skills and capability proved much more difficult than she ever expected. It's tough to expect employers to dial one of her references in South America. So, instead Veronica jumped around from job to job, trying to find her place in the Mountain State. She worked as a babysitter, at a call center, and in a restaurant or two. But finding a job that matched her potential? That didn’t happen until she found Impact WV.

We knew the moment we met her face to face and heard her infectious laugh, that she was an excellent cultural fit for our company. She has excelled in her quality assurance work. Her mentor, our Quality Assurance Architect says, "she has grown tremendously during her time with us and has outperformed my expectations to become an extremely valuable team member. I give her work and I can trust she'll get it done. She has incredible determination to accomplish things. She'll text me at 5:00am or 11:00pm, because she always wants to give her best."

Jacob Howell had no idea what he was going to do after graduation, but he figured he would try to work for a game development company and probably have to move to California. With a degree in computer information technology concentrating in game development from Marshall University, Jacob was almost certain that if he wanted to find a good job in his field, he’d have to leave his home state. But then his department chair at Marshall University told him about Generation West Virginia’s Impact WV Fellowship. Now, Jacob is working in his field doing backend web development in Huntington, West Virginia – just 30 minutes from his home in Hurricane.

Jacob won us over with his persistence. He knew he wanted to work at Core10 and he didn't stop until he had us convinced, too. He has been a key contributor to a number of development projects, and has impacted the community through his efforts to incubate and support game design initiatives amongst local developers.

One of the Senior Architects on our team who works with Jacob had this to say: "Jacob has a great ability to interact with clients, working with them on both requirements and design elements to help them visualize data. Even on a very mathematical project, he found a way to bring some organization and clarity to complex financial reports and focused on building them in a way that was going to scale with the client's business using C# and javascript. He's focused, transparent, and very easy to work with - a great culture fit."

If you're the type of person who wants to make a difference, learn new skills, become part of company culture, and make a good living while doing it, we encourage you to apply!


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