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Welcome to Hereshore®

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Are you tired of the hidden costs associated with focusing on your core business, expanding capacity, software development, and enhancing service quality?

Offshore outsourcing has been the dominant form of outsourcing for many years since it has historically been the most cost effective, yet the true price tag continues to unnecessarily increase: poor quality, failure to meet deadlines, high turnover rate, time zone woes, cultural incapacity.

The alternative? Onshore outsourcing. Utilizing development talent located in the United States, you can now alleviate these headaches and more.

Core10’s innovative approach to fintech software services and sustainable economic development in America’s heartland sets us apart. Hereshore®, our unique model of onshore outsourcing, brings expertise to our clients where and when they need it.

Fintech Trained

We pair senior-level software leads with development horsepower to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

US Based Talent

Our dedicated Tennessee- and West Virginia–based talent provides world-class outsourced design and development expertise at a value without any of the headaches associated with offshoring.

Cost Effective

With our offices in underutilized markets, such as Huntington, WV and Martin, TN, the hourly cost of project development can be one-third to one-half of what it is in a major market. By providing training and opportunity, we give agency to our team members: they are empowered to build their careers and control their economic destiny. 

We use a proprietary Agile software development methodology to keep projects on track. The results speak for themselves: on time, on budget, and executed efficiently. 

We want the world to know that West Virginia and rural Tennessee are great places to go for outsourced software development. And we’ll be happy to prove it, again and again.


Photo Credit: Marshall University, Huntington, WV

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