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The Trials and Rewards of Modernizing Loan Origination Systems

Posted by Tatum Utley on Feb 19, 2019 9:50:52 AM

rawpixel-1053187-unsplash (7)Article written by Elizabeth Sanger, a software developer at Core10.

To the extent that consumer banking solutions are digitizing, one area remains particularly ripe for development: loan origination, specifically mortgage lending. The challenges of establishing and maintaining a digital loan origination system (LOS) are not insignificant, however; a comprehensive LOS must typically include robust document management, one or more service layers capable of culling and transforming outside data quickly and efficiently, and sophisticated authentication and permissions logic—all while maintaining regulatory compliance and protecting sensitive consumer data.

As an Ellie Mae (EM) developer partner with multiple EM-certified developers on staff, Core10 is familiar with both the trials and rewards of modernizing loan origination systems.

One of our most recent projects was to integrate a cutting-edge, consumer-facing lending solution with Ellie Mae Digital Lending , an industry leader in mortgage origination systems. Our experience doing so epitomizes the unique state of the fintech ecosystem. We were brought in specifically to create a multi-tenant integration layer to communicate between our client’s application, written in Ruby and exposed via webhooks and a modern web API, and Ellie Mae (formerly Encompass), exposed via a monolithic SDK written in C#/.NET.

Although the specifics of building, maintaining, or modernizing an LOS will vary, the takeaway of our experience is constant: industry expertise and more than a little grit go a long way in mastering the demands of the fintech sphere.

Loan origination affects most of us throughout our lifetime, in one form or another. Consumer expectations evolve at a pace with technology itself, and delivering a seamless experience is imperative for lenders. Yet as complex as this mandate may prove, the benefits—satisfied consumers, increased revenue, and the claim to brand-boosting innovation—are perfectly clear.


To learn more about how we integrate with Ellie
Mae Encompass, please download our white paper, The Trials and Rewards of Modernizing Loan Origination Systems. 

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Ellie Mae Encompass Integrations are just one of Core10’s many core competencies. To learn more about our tech stack, please see our Tech Radar here.

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