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Core10 boosts Moonshot Innovation’s API integration capabilities


Moonshot Innovations is an IT consultancy whose team is made up of software architects and engineers with a passion for problem solving. Moonshot’s technical expertise and flexibility have helped them grow a strong business following.

When a client had an urgent need for a Workday® integration, Moonshot needed additional integration bandwidth, but they didn’t want to hire experienced developers only to let them go six months later or commit to a project and potentially not be able to deliver on time. Either of these scenarios would be detrimental to their brand.

Plus, managing and onboarding new team members — not to mention service providers and other contractors — takes time away from revenue-generating projects, and keeping full-time employees throughout the ebb and flow of consultancy work isn’t always smart business.



What drew Moonshot to Core10 was Core10’s fluency in core technology, combined with their flexible and scalable access to talent. In the past, Moonshot has worked with other service providers, but the results have not always been positive.

“Other companies we worked with were pretty limited on the number of resources they could provide and the additional bandwidth to be able to spin up two teams of three or four people each. They didn’t have the capacity like Core10 did.”

Bill Marshall
President of Moonshot Innovations

With Core10, Moonshot’s internal system architects and engineers led the Workday® integration, but the onboarding and day-to-day management were off-loaded onto Core10’s experienced integration team.


Core10 delivered:

API Development
We’ve built connections to platforms and solutions so you don’t have to.

Project-based Software Development
Our team takes the project off your hands and is solely dedicated for a fixed duration.

Workday® Enterprise Cloud Suite
Enterprise Management Cloud for finance, HR, planning, analytics, and so much more.



Delivering a high-quality product to clients is a top priority, and Core10 succeeded at that goal. In addition, working with Core10 enabled Moonshot to be able to take on projects they wouldn’t necessarily have the full bandwidth to tackle on their own.

Thanks to the positive performance and additional capabilities Core10 provided during the Workday® integration, Moonshot was able to pick up two more projects. They were able to say yes to more opportunity and revenue they might have had to pass up otherwise.

Marshall added, “Working with people that are very honest, transparent, open —it really helps get business done. We really like working with them.”

If your team needs additional API integration bandwidth to meet revenue targets or some extra engineering power to
support your digital transformation, Core10 is here to help.

"We really like working with Core10. Their people are very honest, transparent, and open, and at the end of the day, they help us get business done!”

Bill Marshall
President of Moonshot Innovations

Let’s talk about your API integration and how we can help you have full bandwidth.

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