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Encore Bank shares their success with API management tools.

Integration is one of the most talked about topics in the fintech/banking industry. Why? Core providers are finally opening access to banks’ customer data for fintechs through API management. And with 31% of mid-size bank customers open or looking to switch banks, it is critical to offer an integrated and seamless experience to consumers. 

Core10 recently participated in a call with our partners, JAM FINTOP, for their Innovation Banktech Committee Meeting, where the topic of open banking with APIs and API management were front and center. This call included more than 20 different bankers—including our client Encore Bank— who’s committed to implementing the best technology for seamless customer experience in their current banking products. It was clear that implementation is a high priority for many mid-size banks who wish to compete with larger, nationally recognized brands.  

However, many bank leaders are overwhelmed by the options they have for iPaaS solutions in 2022. How do they find a partner to make these key integrations as painless and effortless as possible? Encore Bank shared their experience collaborating with a skilled partner they trusted.

Encore Bank: Solving Integration Challenges

During the JAM FINTOP call, Allan Rayson, Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Technology Officer at Encore Bank, and Lee Farabaugh, President of Core10, hosted a fireside chat about the State of Integrations. Rayson discussed how Encore Bank addressed integration challenges and why they came to Core10 for help. 

Encore Bank leads the industry in implementing the latest technology to serve its customers and efficiently manage its own processes. As a matter of fact, Rayson was named 2022 Digital Banker of the Year by American Banker

Encore Bank had two goals they wanted to address:

  1. Reduce the number of manual processes
  2. Drive commercial banking capabilities

To increase commercial business lending Encore Bank needed to:

  • Reduce the number of days to get from initial conversations to wiring funds 
  • Automate data sharing between CRM, Core Systems and Loan Origination System
  • Utilize their treasury in the most efficient ways within their technology architecture 
  • Increase core deposits and non-interest revenue (mortgage, SBS)
  • Manage the number of full-time employees

It was critical for Encore Bank to find a partner who could address these integration challenges to continue leading the industry in innovation.

Mesh: Encore Bank’s Integration Solution

After establishing Encore Bank’s goals, Core10 assessed the bank’s current integrations and architecture and recommended our Mesh integration layer. Mesh powers core and fintech connections on a cloud-based, single-tenant, event-driven microservices platform equipped with security and monitoring.

Mesh also provides iPaaS and BaaS integration pathways within one platform.

iPaaS (integration platform as a service)

iPaaS is a middleware layer that provides banks with a single integration solution for core, fintechs, and other providers. This allows the customer to have a broader experience from one bank account. For banks, this reduces friction in getting fintech offerings to play nicely with your organization’s legacy systems. 


iPaaS Solutions in 2022

iPaaS offers a number of benefits to customers and the implementing organization, including these four crucial ones:

  • Increase in efficiency. Banks using iPaaS for integration will see increased efficiency internally and externally. 
  • Meet the demand. Customers constantly expect more and better functionality from their banks. Integrating fintech applications into legacy systems through an iPaaS gives banks a way to meet the demands of consumers by rolling out new functionality without reinventing the wheel every time. 
  • Improved security. Hackers and fraud are all too common. Connecting all the systems through a single platform provides the bank with a holistic view of their customers and operations. This helps banks understand their risk and fight fraud.
  • Easy to implement. Your in-house software development team is probably already struggling to keep up. Integrating via iPaaS eases the burden on your team with a common data model, libraries of pre-built APIs, and other capabilities that allow an organization to customize the product to meet their needs.

It is no wonder Encore Bank is one of the fastest growing banks in the U.S. Their leadership is savvy and has a knack for choosing to partner with earlier stage fintechs. We’re thrilled that the innovative minds at Encore Bank are partnering with Core10 and our Mesh product to innovate and provide world-class experience for their customers and teams. 

Moving forward, Encore will increase efficiencies through a smoother integration experience with fintechs via their API layer. 

Overwhelmed? We can help.

If you’re overwhelmed by all the API management solutions, take a deep breath—you don’t have to figure this out alone! Core10 is uniquely positioned to help banks and companies like yours find the best iPaaS solutions for your business. Learn more about Mesh and the API management solutions by talking with a Core10 expert today.

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