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Get to Know Core10: Chad Ginsel

Chad Ginsel

Let’s talk about the power of connections, word of mouth, and some facts.

1. Good people tend to know good people.

2. When you create a work environment team members love, they tend to refer others to the organization. As we know, word of mouth is the best medium of all!

3. Good people who meet the skills and values set requirements, tend to get hired—making the recruitment work easy on us. It’s a win-win!

When one of our team members, Tanishka, said to us, “Hey, I know someone who not only brings what we need to the table but has a heart of gold and incredible values,” we just knew we had to check out this individual.

That person turned out to be Chad Ginsel. Chad, now a Core10 Implementation Analyst, has been with us for four months. One of the many interesting things about Chad is that he lives in Texas - supporting our philosophy that the best talent is not always tied to a specific location.

“Chad has been diving into the worlds of Private Equity and Investment banking headfirst. He has become an immediate contributor at Core10 and is always willing to take time to help others through any type of issue. He has shown to be a great communicator with both clients and team members."

Anthony Alexander, Implementation Manager

We are grateful to Tanishka for leading Chad to us and that he joined us as a member of the Core10 family. So, take the opportunity to learn more about Chad, his experiences in Texas, and why he chose Core10.


How did you hear about Core10? 

I was referred by Tanishka Guduru. She spoke to me for an extended amount of time about how great the culture and management of the company is. That conversation encouraged me to apply for a position.

Why did you choose to work at Core10?  

Going through the interview process, I really enjoyed the meetings with the project manager and team lead, Anthony Alexander and Drew Michael respectively. They made me feel right at home and I knew that they were great leaders to be under and learn from. I was also looking for a position that would work on projects and the Implementation Analyst role was just that.

What did you do before joining the team?  

Before joining the Core10 team, I was working for Compass Group managing the back of house operations for the convenience stores and dining halls, at the University of Houston campus, before being laid off when Covid-19 Pandemic surprised the world. I then decided to go pursue an MBA within a year to have an open door for new opportunities.

Where did you go to school? 

I attended University of Houston to receive my bachelor’s degree. I then attended Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi for my graduate degree.

What did you study? 

University of Houston: Hospitality Management

Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi: Master’s in business administration.

What got you interested in a career in software development? 

I honestly didn’t know that I was interested in software development until about a year ago. While pursuing my MBA, I took a data analytics class, and I found that super enjoyable. From there, I knew I wanted to work on projects, working with data, in the software industry.

What is your favorite project you have worked on at Core10? 

My favorite project so far has been the DealCloud project. The projects associated with this project are quick and generally fun. The clients are great and appreciate the work that we put into their sites. The team is very close to one another as well, and that makes the work even more enjoyable.

Tell us about your life outside of Core10… Family life? Pets? Hobbies? 

Outside of Core10, I have a wonderful family which I am very close with.[TB1]  We often find many reasons to celebrate and usually end up cooking big family meals. We are also huge into traveling, especially to anywhere with a beach. I also love to hunt and fish when given the chance!

How do you give back to the community? 

My heart is for every person to know the love that God has for them. Love is always finding a need and meets it. You will find me often doing random acts of love such as praying for somebody in a grocery store, giving some random person a car ride, or going to help somebody move.

What is something other people find most surprising to learn about you? 

The most surprising thing for people to hear is that I have moved over 25 times within Texas. I’ve lived mostly in South and East Texas in small towns with the exception of Houston

What is your favorite thing about Texas?  

My favorite thing about Texas is the state’s diversity. Texas is a huge state, and each region is very different. The culture is very laid back, and everybody who lives in Texas is proud to call it home. There is a huge cultural difference between each region of Texas. We have cultures such as Mexican, German, African, Texas country, etc. With cultural differences, comes differences of food as well. Lastly, the topography is different around the state. We have beaches, mountains, rolling hills, desert-like areas, and large forests.

Why did you choose to stay there?  

Texas is home and God hasn’t led me anywhere else. All my family has called Texas home as well. Texas is beautiful and has so much to offer to its residents. Also, there are no state taxes. I love working from home remotely in Texas because it gives me the flexibility to be a part of my family’s life as well as the ability to choose where I love to live and work for this great organization.

Anything else you’d like to share?

It’s been a privilege to work for such a great organization, and I have loved every minute of it so far!


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