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Get to Know Core10: Jessica Ayerst

Introducing Jessica Ayerst, a truly invaluable asset to Core10 as the Data & Integrations Lead for our Accrue product. Since joining our team in 2020, Jessica has been a shining example of our core values of "We're Here to Grow" and "Relentless Customer Focus," proactively seeking training opportunities and embracing new roles to drive her personal and professional growth. We are delighted to have Jessica on our team, and it's a joy to witness her continual growth every day.

Jeff Galloway, our VP of Product and Services, sums it up perfectly:

“Jessica has demonstrated exceptional performance in her role as the Data & Integrations Lead for Accrue. Her proficiency in seamlessly integrating banking cores and third-party vendors into our Accrue platform is truly impressive. Her unwavering commitment to achieving seamless data integration and her meticulous attention to detail have played a vital role in our ability to deliver scalable integrations to our clients. We are fortunate to have her as a valuable member of our team, and we eagerly anticipate her continued contributions in driving Accrue's success.”

Jessica's journey to her current role has been marked by a wealth of diverse experiences. Prior to joining Core10, Jessica worked as a social worker for a low-income housing organization, specifically focusing on serving the elderly. She also brings a background in various fields such as counseling, psychology, art, and graphic design. Her passion for continuous learning and her motivation to enhance her life and career led her to complete a coding boot camp and obtain certifications in Salesforce administration, opening up new opportunities at Core10. Jessica's unique journey, including being part of the neurodivergent community, has endowed her with valuable insights and strengths that she brings to her exceptional work at Core10.

We are thrilled for you to discover more about Jessica and the outstanding contributions she makes to our team. Keep reading to learn more!


What is your role at Core10? 

 I am the Data & Integrations Lead for Core10’s product Accrue. I work on integrating the Accrue data model with banking cores, like Jack Henry and CSI, as well as other third-party vendors, like Laser Pro.


How long have you been with Core10? 

 I started working at Core10 in June of 2020.


How did you hear about Core10? 

 I completed a coding boot camp at Newforce and met Amy Simpson (Core10 Senior HR Manager) on our demo day while demoing the applications I created.


Why did you choose to work at Core10?  

 After meeting Amy and learning more about Core10, I immediately knew I wanted to apply to work here. The things that sealed the deal were:


  1. Core10 is a local software company, which is hard to find in the Huntington, WV area.

  2. Core10’s commitment to its Hereshore® initiative which seeks to improve the lives of our team members, the clients we serve, and the communities in which we live.

What did you do before joining the team?  

 I was a social worker for a low-income housing organization, working specifically with the elderly.


Where did you go to school? 

 I graduated from Marshall University with a Regents Bachelor of Arts(RBA) degree. I received my Frond-End, Back-End, and Full-Stack Development certificates from Mountwest Community & Technical College.


What did you study? 

I’ve studied computer programming, SCRUM methodology, counseling, psychology, social work, religion, art, graphic design, anthropology, and sociology.


What got you interested in a career in software development and Salesforce?

I wanted to better my life and have more opportunities to progress in my career. That is why I decided to apply to a six-month full-time coding boot camp back in 2019. In 2021, I was presented with an opportunity to learn Salesforce administration while working at Core10, and I jumped on the offer.


What is your favorite project you have worked on at Core10? 

I received my Salesforce Administrator certificate in 2021 and have been working on the Accrue project since then. At first, I worked on administrative and functional assignments for Accrue’s various clients, but I wanted to learn more about the data model, so I started asking to be assigned tasks related to data. Since January 2023, I’ve worked solely on data and integrations for Accrue and I love my job! It’s been really exciting working for a start-up, and I’ve learned so much about the whole process. I love that my voice is heard here at Core10.


Tell us about your life outside of Core10… Family life? Pets? Hobbies? 

 I have a wonderful (Australian) husband, Shane, and three amazing kids- our daughter Rachael(25), and two sons, Wren(17) and Owlsley(12). We have two precious dogs(Speck and Kai) and two cool cats(Emmy Lou and KitKat). I love art and music. I really enjoy hiking, camping, gardening, and the outdoors in general.


How do you give back to the community?

My husband and I are working to start an organization that teaches kids how to skateboard and provides boards and safety gear to those in need. We believe that skateboarding is an outlet that teaches healthy coping mechanisms, how to set and achieve goals, and how to practice emotional regulation. We hope that by providing this outlet, especially to kids who may not “fit in” elsewhere, we are, in turn, helping to end the drug epidemic in our area.


What is something other people find most surprising to learn about you? 

 I think most people would be surprised to learn that I have traveled extensively, lived in a multitude of different states, and I’ve done everything under the sun as far as jobs. I am also part of the “neurodivergent” community because I have autism, which means that I “burn out” easily if I don’t take superior care of my mind and body. Since receiving my diagnosis, I’ve learned ways to cope and I’m working on being able to communicate my needs to others. By creating a support system, I am hoping to keep advancing my career at Core10 and stay with this company for many years to come.


What is your favorite thing about living in the place you call home?

I love the Huntington/Tri-State area for so many reasons. I love that this area has bounced back from so many setbacks, like the drug epidemic and the end of the coal mining and industrial eras. The sense of community here has greatly increased over the past decade. We are seeing more art, music, and festivals that celebrate our Appalachian heritage and culture. This is also one of the best places to live for those who, like myself, enjoy the outdoors. We have Red River Gorge, New River Gorge National Park, many lakes (Grayson, Cave Run, Vesuvius, Beech Fork), Wayne and Daniel Boone National Forests, and the mighty Ohio River.


Why did you choose to stay there?  

 My family is here and my sons have spent the majority of their lives here. My plan was to stay in this area until both of my sons graduate high school, so who knows what the future may hold. I consider myself lucky to live in such a beautiful place.


Anything else you’d like to share??? 

 I am presenting a Lunch & Learn at Core10 this summer, “Neurodiversity in the Workplace”. Hopefully, it will help others learn how to better support their neurodivergent team members (specifically those with ADD, ADHD, and ASD). I would love to connect and learn from members of the community who face the same struggles!


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