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Get to Know Core10: Mangesh Hajare

We’d be remiss if we didn’t highlight Core10’s magic, or as we like to call him, Magic Mangesh. Allow us to introduce you to Mangesh Hajare, a key member of our Accrue product team, specializing in Salesforce development. With a little over a year of tenure under his belt at Core10, Mangesh has proven to be an outstanding player on our team.


Marissa Aviña, our Director of Product, acknowledges Mangesh's contributions, saying, "Mangesh is an invaluable member of our team. He is extremely knowledgeable and is always willing to jump in and help others. He lives up to his nickname 'Magic Mangesh.’


We're excited to offer you a glimpse into Mangesh's professional journey, a peek into his life beyond Core10, and a chance to explore the intriguing facets of his personality. Discover the man behind the magic!


What is your role at Core10? 

At Core10, my role is that of a Salesforce developer, specifically focused on the Accrue. As a Salesforce developer, I play a critical role in the ongoing development and enhancement of Accrue. This involves working on various aspects of the Salesforce platform to design, build, and optimize features and functionalities that meet the unique needs of our clients and their businesses.


How long have you been with Core10? 

I have been with Core10 for the past year, which means I joined the company approximately 12 months ago. I still remember the exact date (17th Oct 2022) as it’s my first job out of India.


How did you hear about Core10? 

I learned about Core10 through a personal connection and referral from a friend, Jeff Galloway. Jeff, who was a friend of my previous company manager, played a pivotal role in introducing me to Core10. He facilitated the initial connection between me and Core10's leadership.


Why did you choose to work at Core10?  

 I chose to work at Core10 for several reasons, primarily because it aligned with my career goals and aspirations.

Transition to Product Development: Prior to joining Core10, I had experience working in service companies. However, I was keen on transitioning to product development, as it offered a different and more focused aspect of software development. Core10 provided me with the opportunity to work on the Accrue product, which was precisely the kind of product-oriented work I was looking for.

Interest in Banking Sector: I had a specific interest in working within the banking sector. Core10's focus on banking and financial technology products was a significant draw for me. It allowed me to work on solutions that were closely tied to the financial industry, which was an area I wanted to explore and contribute to.

Platform for Career Growth: Core10's reputation and the opportunities it offered for career growth and development were also attractive. Being a company that specializes in delivering innovative technology solutions, it presented an environment where I could enhance my skills and knowledge while working on projects that had a real impact in the financial sector.

Company Values and Culture: Company culture and values are important factors when choosing an employer. Core10's values and work culture were in line with my own, emphasizing teamwork, innovation, and a commitment to delivering quality solutions. This made me feel that I would thrive in such an environment.

In summary, my decision to work at Core10 was influenced by my desire to transition from service-based work to product development, my interest in the banking sector, the potential for career growth, and the company's values and culture. Core10 offered the platform I was searching for to grow as a Salesforce developer and contribute to meaningful projects in the financial technology space.


What did you do before joining the team?  

Before I became a part of the Core10 team, I had a diverse professional background in the technology and consulting industries:

Prodapt (Salesforce Developer): In my immediate prior role, I worked as a Salesforce developer in the telecom industry. During this time, I gained valuable experience and expertise in Salesforce development and implementation. Additionally, I had the opportunity to work with the Vlocity platform, which specializes in industry-specific cloud and telecom software.

Deloitte (nCino Consultant): Before my role in the telecom industry, I was part of Deloitte, a renowned global consulting firm. While at Deloitte, I primarily worked with clients in the banking sector in both the UK and India. I served as an nCino consultant, focusing on implementing nCino's cloud-based banking solutions to streamline and enhance various banking processes. This experience allowed me to work closely with clients to improve their operations and compliance within the financial industry.

These previous roles provided me with a strong foundation in Salesforce development, exposure to industry-specific platforms like Vlocity, and a deep understanding of the banking sector through my nCino consulting work. This diverse background equipped me with a wide range of skills and insights, making me well-prepared for my current role as a Salesforce developer at Core10, where I work on the Accrue product in the financial technology sector.


Where did you go to school? 

I graduated from Government College of Engineering, Amravati India.


What did you study? 

I did my graduation in Computer Science.


What got you interested in a career in Salesforce development?

My interest in a career in software development can be traced back to my innate aptitude for mathematics and problem-solving.


What is your favorite project you have worked on at Core10? 

My favorite project at Core10 is Accrue, which combines Lending and Digital account opening. One of the most memorable aspects was the security review, which presented a challenging but immensely valuable learning opportunity. This project allowed me to expand my skill set and deepen my understanding of both technology and security, making it a rewarding and standout experience in my career at Core10.


Tell us about your life outside of Core10.

Outside of my professional life at Core10, I cherish my personal life and have various interests and activities that I enjoy. My family plays a significant role, with my wife, Bhavika, being my closest and most cherished companion. Although my parents and in-laws reside in India, we eagerly anticipate opportunities to visit and spend quality time with them, bridging the distance between Canada and India.

I have a keen sense of adventure and love to explore new places, both locally and during travel. Meeting new people and hanging out with friends are enjoyable pastimes, allowing me to broaden my social circle and create lasting memories.

In terms of hobbies, I have a passion for movies, particularly in the thriller, sci-fi, and suspense genres. I find them intriguing and enjoy the suspenseful narratives and imaginative storytelling.

Furthermore, I lead an active lifestyle. Swimming is one of my favorite physical activities, providing relaxation and exercise. Additionally, I like to engage in badminton, a sport that combines fitness and friendly competition.

Overall, my life outside of Core10 is enriched by the bonds I share with family, the thrill of travel and exploration, the joy of connecting with friends and new acquaintances, a love for captivating movies, and an active lifestyle with swimming and badminton as key components of my leisure activities.

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How do you give back to the community?

Since coming to Canada, I haven't yet joined a specific community organization. However, back in India, I actively participated in community service by volunteering at an orphanage and an old age home known as "Apla Ghar." I encouraged and continue to encourage anyone interested in donating or helping those in need to consider supporting Apla Ghar, which is an organization dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of the less fortunate. If anyone wishes to contribute or get involved, I recommend visiting their website at https://aplaghar.org/ to explore opportunities for community support and volunteer work.


What is something other people find most surprising to learn about you? 

One aspect that often surprises people about me is my initial reserved nature when meeting new individuals. In the beginning, I tend to be quiet and observant. However, as I develop deeper connections and build trust with people over time, I gradually open up and become more expressive. Many find it surprising that I can transition from a reserved, introverted demeanor to a more outgoing and communicative one as I become more comfortable and connected with those around me. This reveals different facets of my personality and highlights the importance of building meaningful connections.


Where do you live and what is your favorite part(s) about the place you call home?

I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and there are several aspects of this place that I truly appreciate:

Weather: One of my favorite aspects is the weather. Vancouver is known for its mild and temperate climate, which is quite different from many other parts of Canada. I particularly enjoy the rainy and foggy weather, which creates a unique and calming atmosphere.

Scenic Beauty: Vancouver is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. The presence of both mountains and the sea in close proximity is a remarkable feature. The combination of rugged, snow-capped mountains and the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean offers breathtaking views and numerous outdoor activities.

Community and People: Vancouver is home to a diverse and welcoming community. I've had the privilege of meeting and connecting with many wonderful individuals from various backgrounds. The people of Vancouver have made me feel at home and contributed to my positive experience living in this city.

These aspects, along with the cultural diversity and numerous recreational opportunities, make Vancouver a place I'm proud to call home.


Why did you choose to stay in Vancouver? 

I chose to stay in Vancouver because, after my arrival in Canada, I was immediately captivated by the city's stunning natural beauty, the pleasant climate, and the overall quality of life. The combination of an excellent environment, diverse opportunities, and the unique blend of mountains and the sea made it an easy decision to call Vancouver my home. It's a place that offers everything I need for a fulfilling and enjoyable life.


Anything else you’d like to share? 

Core10 holds a special place in my career journey. The company's culture and the supportive, helpful nature of its people make it my favorite place to work. At Core10, I continuously learn and grow, expanding my skills and knowledge. The environment is conducive to personal and professional development, and it's rewarding to receive regular appreciation for my contributions. Being a part of Core10 has been an enriching experience that not only aligns with my career goals but also provides a nurturing and appreciative work atmosphere.

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