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Get to Know Core10: Sable Bowen

Have you ever worked with someone who just has a way of brightening up the room and making everyone feel at ease? Meet Sable Bowen, a Software Engineer at Core10 who is known for her excellent problem-solving skills and her infectious sense of humor. Sable has been an invaluable member of our team, and her contributions have helped us deliver exceptional software solutions to our clients. 

"Everyone on the team loves working with Sable. She gets along well with anyone she is working on a project with and is always willing to lend a helping hand. She is an excellent problem solver and shines in our core value, We Are Here To Grow! I would be remiss if I didn't also mention how funny she is; She always brightens up our meetings!"

Alison Brandt

Engineering Manager

We couldn't agree more. Sable's positive attitude, collaborative approach, and impressive technical skills have made her an integral part of our team. We're excited to share her story and give you a glimpse into the amazing work she does here at Core10. 


What is your role at Core10? 

I am a mid-level Software Engineer, currently on the Thread and ICE Teams. 


How long have you been with Core10? 

I've been with Core10 since August 2019 when I joined as a new Junior Developer.


How did you hear about Core10? 

I heard about Core10 through its employer partner status with Newforce, which is where I learned to program!


Why did you choose to work at Core10?  

I decided to accept the offer at Core10 because I wanted a job where I could have exposure to many different technologies, both to find out where my interests lie and to bolster my skills and knowledge!


What did you do before joining the team?

Before Core10, I attended Newforce. I had previously dabbled in programming due to a love of math and logic problems, and I knew I really wanted a career where I could creatively solve problems and be mentally challenged and engaged. I also wanted a job where I could continuously learn! Now I have it all!!!


What is your favorite project you have worked on at Core10? 

My favorite projects at Core10 have been the ICE projects. I really learned a lot about the tech stacks and was often in a lead position interfacing with clients or our partner Encompass architects. This was highly beneficial for my soft skills, confidence, and ability to lead a team! I was also able to solo run some consultation calls and teach other developers how to solve issues within the Encompass platform.


Tell us about your life outside of Core10.

Outside of Core10, I have a wonderful partner and three dogs, one of which is a puppy! I like to be active with them and hike. I also love lifting heavy weights. In my non-active time, I love video games, dungeons and dragons, fantasy novels, porgs, and most things nerdy. I'm learning to play the native double flute as my first instrument, and self-studying Japanese.


How do you give back to the community?

I tend to give back to the community in small ways because I feel like small kindnesses can make a big mark in people's lives. When I'm out, I try to offer to help people with small things or compliment them when I see them doing something well. Sometimes all we need is a small validation to help us improve!


What is something other people find most surprising to learn about you? 

Something people often find surprising about me is that I used to be totally quiet and awkward, but I spent several years twitch streaming myself playing video games to learn to talk to people. Nothing quite like being the only person talking and needing to fill the space to get better at it! Now I can run client calls or demos with minimal awkwardness and it has helped in my everyday life as well!


What is your favorite thing about Huntington, WV?  

My favorite thing about Huntington is the beautiful wilderness of West Virginia. I also really like the weather outside of the winter months.


Why did you choose to stay there?  

I've chosen to stay here mostly because this is where my community is!


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