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Meet Monarch – A New Core10 Division

Core10 is delighted to announce the launch of Monarch Professional Services Group (Monarch), a new Core10 company division poised to deliver specialized platform expertise to B2B SaaS, Capital Markets and Wealth Management enterprise leaders. 

What is Monarch? 

Monarch brings SaaS platform expertise to enterprises looking for support in implementation and configuration services in this area. Through staff augmentation services for SaaS providers, its team handles the complexities of software implementation and onboarding via customer success, managed services and business intelligence. The company streamlines the software adoption process for SaaS businesses to onboard customers faster, keep them longer and generate more revenue. 

Monarch takes a consultative-based approach to craft and configure tailored workflows for end users. Organizations rely on Monarch’s customer success services for ongoing maintenance and support to maximize bandwidth for innovation and growth. Monarch also serves as a Salesforce consulting partner, specializing in the implementation and configuration of the platform. 

Meet the team. 

Our former president and current board member, Lee Farabaugh, serves as the president of Monarch and Anthony Alexander, our previous Director of Application Services, is acting as Vice President of Operations and Delivery, managing Monarch’s day-to-day operations to execute its strategic objectives and vision. 

Comprised of prior Core10 implementation specialists, Monarch gives new wings to these talented experts who understand the roadblocks facing financial services teams and specialize in platform onboarding and configuration to ensure customer success. 

What does this mean? 

Our CEO, Jeff Hanson, notes, “Strategically, Monarch makes sense as our implementation team’s B2B SaaS knowledge base is vast and covers not only financial services but also any organization in the areas of capital markets and wealth management. We are excited for Lee’s new adventure and with her at the helm, Monarch is positioned for strong success. The company focuses and delivers on platform expertise while broadening sales efforts and offering new opportunities for individual and team growth.” 

Launching Monarch empowers organizations in the B2B SaaS financial services, capital markets and wealth management industries to streamline software adoption and optimize technology stack efficiency. We are excited for the Monarch team to begin seizing new growth opportunities and enhancing their capabilities as trusted implementation and configuration partners. 

Lee adds, “Monarch represents an opportunity for growth and discovery, not only for me, but for our team members who look to solve challenges associated with B2B SaaS implementation and onboarding as well. Monarch brings B2B SaaS enterprises a new approach to offload the often-burdensome task of implementation and onboarding, while gaining ability to clear its customer onboarding backlog and capture more revenue with best-in-class implementation specialists.” 

Core10 is excited about Monarch’s new beginning and the platform adoption growth that its team unlocks for B2B SaaS, Capital Markets and Wealth Management businesses. To learn more about how Monarch can help you streamline implementation and onboarding processes, visit the website. 

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