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Smiley Technologies Enhances Customer Experience Through Core10’s Integration Work


Smiley Technologies is a core banking company based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Smiley provides a unique, total core banking software and services solution for community banks and financial institutions to open and maintain all of their customers’ accounts. They also offer banking applications for the bank’s customers to use for online and mobile banking. Smiley uses on-prem and cloud resources to
provide their SaaS solutions.

Smiley had already started the work of integrating its core banking service with Compliance Systems, Inc., a partner that provides legal paperwork and documentation during a bank account’s lifecycle. Although Smiley had the talent to build the integration, they needed the ability to onboard additional integration bandwidth without hiring a full-time developer for a project that would only span a few months.

This is where Core10 stepped in. Through our outsourcing model, we were primed to provide a Senior Engineer and a Project Manager who could build the integration within Smiley’s timeline and budget.

Smiley technologies had three objectives as they engaged with Core10:

  1. Enhance the user experience for Smiley banks by building a Compliance Systems integration
  2. Ease burden of internal team and free up bandwidth to focus on other priorities
  3. Find a partner with the skillset and expertise to fill in the gaps as opposed to hiring an FTE



Since this project had already been kicked off by Smiley’s team, the scope and architectural plan were in place. As a flexible partner who can meet clients where they are in their technical journey, we got right to work–allowing Smiley to focus on other high-priority projects in its pipeline.

One of Core10’s Senior Engineers dedicated his time to building Smiley’s integration with Compliance Systems. At the same time, a partially-dedicated Core10 Project Manager oversaw the integration work and met with the business stakeholders at Smiley frequently to ensure project success.

Capitalizing on Compliance System’s REST API, Core10 was able to generate documentation. Working in .Net Core, our team read account data from Smiley’s DB2 database and then transformed the data to match Compliance Systems’ JSON models. Now data from Smiley can be sent to Compliance Systems where they provide a web page for the banker to review and download applicable forms.

Smiley’s banks can enjoy the benefits of Compliance Systems’ documentation generation and storage capabilities without all the headaches. We like to think of this as a win-win for all involved.

The Core10 solutions for Smiley included:

  1. A flexible partner who stepped in quickly using Smiley's existing architectural plan
  2. A dedicated outsourced Senior Engineer to support Smiley's integration needs
  3. A complete integration between Smiley Technology's core banking software to Compliance Systems



Before engaging with Core10, Smiley’s bandwidth was overstretched as they were juggling multiple high-impact projects. Attention to these projects was divided, slowing progress and eating up time and expenses. Core10 was able to take a critical project off Smiley’s plate and free up the time and talent that was needed on its other projects.

In just six short months, we helped Smiley build their Compliance Systems integration. Smiley can now offer a Compliance Systems integration as a feature to existing and new clients. This is a clear example of Smiley’s commitment to creating an ecosystem where banking and innovation work together seamlessly.

"We found Core10 to be a perfect fit for our Compliance Systems integration as they have a proven track record of building these types of integrations. We appreciated Core10 as they demonstrated that they understood our needs and could deliver a successful integration. Core10’s talent and time were readily available when we needed them at a critical time.”

Branon Fryar
Chief Technology Officer, Smiley Technologies

After completing the Compliance Systems integration, the Core10 team even stayed on board to help Smiley with two other integrations and helped knock out other backlog items. Core10 is proud to have played a role in helping Smiley achieve its exceptional growth and success.

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