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We Believe in Martin

Photo Credits: City of Martin

In September, 2018, Core10 opened our office on Lindell Street, right next door to the Weakley County Press. Our team of new graduates from UT Martin spent their days in the beautifully renovated space building software for some of the largest financial technology companies in the US, right from downtown Martin, Tennessee.

In September, 2021, we are closing the doors to the physical office, the result of a widespread trend giving technical and knowledge workers the opportunity to do their jobs from home. Our team in Martin continues to do important financial services development work, but where they do that has changed.

Our commitment to Martin, and to the graduates of UT Martin, has not changed.

We believe Martin is the right place for our development team to work and grow, and for our business to grow. Here’s why:


UT Martin graduates are top notch.

We have been fortunate to hire a number of graduates from the Computer Science program at UT Martin, and have found them to be some of the best we’ve ever met. They graduate from the program with the right set of skills to be effective and successful in the business world. This involves technical skills, as one would expect. The CS graduates are adept at a number of development languages and know how to solve technical problems. But they also have a set of skills that are not as easy to obtain. They understand how to work in teams, they know the importance of a deadline, and they are willing to stretch beyond their limits to achieve new and greater outcomes from their efforts.

This year, we will expand our hiring reach to graduates in Business majors, such as Finance, Economics, Accounting, Management, and Information Systems. These graduates are ideal candidates for our Application Services practice area, where they will implement and administer software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, such as our Accrue banking and lending platform.

Because UT Martin has recently created an endowed position in the Horace and Sara Dunagan Chair of Excellence in Banking, the university is uniquely positioned at the intersection of three foundations of businesses just like ours: Computer Science, Business, and Banking. The financial technology industry is exploding, and the Martin community can take part in realizing the economic gains from this sector.


Talent is egalitarian, but opportunity is not.

Every day, smart people are born all over the US. Some are born in cities, and others are born in rural areas. Aptitude is given out equally, but sometimes smart and capable people are raised to believe they have to leave smaller communities to have truly rewarding and lucrative careers. We believe it is possible to enjoy a thriving and challenging career and live in the place you call home. Martin is an ideal place to raise a family and enjoy the benefits of a small town. It’s also a place to earn a good living, prosper, and create wealth to pass down to the next generation.


We’re here to grow.

Although we won’t physically occupy an office on Lindell Street, you’ll still see us around town. Our growing team will work from their homes and from co-working spaces when they need to, and they will contribute to the fabric of the community. We’ll be present at university events where we can connect with students and share our story with potential future employees.

Thank you, Martin, for believing in us. Core10 is here to grow and we’re here to stay.


Originally published in the Weakley County Press on Sept. 7, 2021.

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