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You Can Do It, but Should You?

family washing a car

Have you ever looked at a project, known that it needs to get done, but just not want to tackle it yourself?

Let me give you an example.

Whenever it rains for a few days, my car quickly loses its shine. Now, as the mom of a kindergartener and twice-over co-founder of startups, you might say I’m accustomed to things being a little messy in my personal and professional life. But if I’ve learned anything through the years, it’s that it’s OK to take pride and joy in the little things. My car is one of them.

So when I look at all those rain marks, I can’t help but fire up the usual internal debate: Would it be fun to have a family car wash in the sun? Or should I just take it to get done the right way?

Sometimes it’s fun to put our swimsuits on and play in the water with my kiddo and our Labrador puppy, but more often than not, I choose to let the professionals get the job done.

The same has proven true for a number of our partners!

Core10 partners with various technology companies that offer services to financial institutions to ensure their services are integrated and built on time.

Example 1: Core10 is an Ellie Mae® developer partner. Ellie Mae is a mortgage lending loan origination systems provider, and over the years, their technology has enabled lenders to become increasingly efficient. Recently, Ellie Mae phased out a majority of their internal professional services to hone their focus on their product. To do this — and to not just maintain customer satisfaction, but increase it — they leaned into their developer partner program. As a result, Ellie Mae’s partners ensure that their API integrations are developed with the utmost excellence and efficiency to help all parties realize revenue quicker.

Example 2: Core10 is a Plaid partner. For Plaid, we integrate their API with fintechs and financial institutions so that they can leverage the power of Plaid’s aggregated data. While Plaid does have their own professional services team, their focus is on larger institutions’ integrations. So, Plaid leverages partners like Core10 to get all their clients integrated promptly so everyone’s customers can be better served.

Example 3: Core 10 partners with Constellation Digital Partners, which leverages several different providers to enhance the digital experience for credit unions and their members. Through our partnership, we’ve helped Constellation build their platform not only by augmenting their team of developers when more resources were needed, but also by helping their credit unions build additional functionality on the Constellation platform.

Just like I’m fully capable of washing my own car, each of these companies can do the work that Core10 supplements on their own. But when they evaluate their resources, it becomes obvious that it’s more effective and efficient to let partners like Core10 complete certain tasks and keep their internal resources focused.

What extraneous tasks can Core10 help you with so you can make better use of your own resources?

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