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Get to Know Core10: Jawad Saleem

In the ever-evolving realm of technology, there are individuals who stand out, not only for their innovative skills but also for the positive impact they bring to their teams. Jawad Saleem, Core10’s DevOps, is a shining example of such excellence. 

As Joel Legg, our VP of Technology, raves, "Jawad is an integral member of our team and an exceptional DevOps Engineer. His remarkable expertise and dedication have been instrumental in rebuilding our infrastructure from the ground up. Beyond his technical prowess, he consistently demonstrates his commitment to the team by proactively asking how he can contribute and support our collective goals. Jawad has become a key part of our success and team culture.”

With almost a year at Core10, Jawad's journey has been as inspiring as his work. So let’s delve deeper into it and learn more about Jawad!


What is your role at Core10? 

 I’m working as a DevOps Engineer.


How long have you been with Core10? 

I’ve been with the Core10 team for almost a year.


How did you hear about Core10? 

I was working with a Core10 Vendor, which is how I learned about Core10.


Why did you choose to work at Core10?  

The role I was offered had a lot of learning opportunities.


What did you do before joining the team?  

I was working as a DevOps contractor.


Where did you go to school and what did you study?

I attended the University Of Central Punjab in Pakistan where I studied Computer Science.


What got you interested in a career in DevOps?

Being a DevOps Engineer is really challenging and rewarding at the same time. I get to learn a lot of new tools and technologies.


What is your favorite project you have worked on at Core10? 

I don’t necessarily have a favorite project; I really like working on all the Core10 projects.


Tell us about your life outside of Core10… Family life? Pets? Hobbies? 

Outside of my job, I enjoy spending quality time with my wife and kids. For hobbies, I like watching movies, exploring new places, and playing video games.


What is something other people find most surprising to learn about you? 

I have a huge collection of board games that may surprise some people. 


Where do you live and what is your favorite part(s) about the place you call home?

 I live in Houston, TX and I really like how diverse Houston is. I also enjoy the weather and food Houston offers.

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